March 27, 2024

How to Protect Your Cargo Throughout the Supply Chain

The cargo insurance industry stands at an ebb and flow of $57.06 billion in 2024 with a CAGR of 4.3%. As the tide turns towards instant online goods transit insurance, it becomes essential for importers and exporters to protect cargo throughout the supply chain.

Protect Your CargoFrom inland transportation to the dock, cargo risks and damage roam around at each corner in the form of faulty packaging, rough handling, poor loading, theft, and of course, transport accidents. Here is how you, as a forwarder can protect cargo throughout the supply chain with instant cargo insurance.

Understanding The Risk

Before you buy marine insurance, it is crucial to understand all the risks that may come your way. Theft, damage, and loss are omnipresent dangers in the supply chain, capable of disrupting operations and leaving you in a sea of financial losses.

With a clear assessment of the risks implicated at different stages of the supply chain, you can buy the most comprehensive coverage. Ask yourself, do you require All-risk Goods Transit insurance, or Named Perils Cargo Insurance? Is the route of transit opened to threats like theft or war?

Wide Insurance Coverage At Your Fingertips

Get what you want when it comes to goods transit insurance. With a precise risk analysis, you can now opt for the right kind of insurance to protect your cargo.

For instance, as a freight forwarder dealing with high-value delicate goods, having Warehouse-to-Warehouse insurance can offer end-to-end protection throughout the entire transit process, including storage at intermediate locations.

Next, with digitalised insurance portals like Aapka Transit, you are just one click away from an array of cargo insurance provided by multiple reputed insurance providers.

Save On Logistic Costs

At its core, cargo insurance is about securing your finances against potential cargo loss, and getting instant insurance becomes essential to manage your logistic and transport costs. Delayed insurance can lead to increased transportation costs due to potential delays and disruptions.

Online portals like Appka Transit are changing and modernising the cargo insurance setup, by providing instant, secured and seamless insurance. With the belief of providing secured marine insurance in under 3 minutes, Appka Transit aids agents and clients alike to save on your logistic costs at any hour of the day.

Easy And Accessible Documentation

In the traditional landscape, buying marine insurance, or any other transit insurance for that matter, would echo in endless paperwork and documentation. While you secure your cargo at every point of the supply chain, Aapka Transit makes sure your experience is seamless and simplified.

Secondly, from Appka Transit’s easy-to-navigate dashboard forwarders and Custome House Agents (CHA) can access records of all the insurance bought, aiding in effortless claim management for your client and project management for your logistics.

With this, you are all set to protect your cargo throughout the supply chain, the only thing remaining is to take the first step towards implantation. Head to our site to get a free quote today.

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