Optimizing Transit

Leveraging our expansive network, skilled team, and in-depth knowledge of local markets, we collaborate with our customers to propel their business forward within the desired timeframe. Our transport operations operate round the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year, enabling us to handle any emergencies seamlessly.

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FCL (Full Container Load) Services

Aapka Transit assists you in availing of a cost-effective FCL transportation facility.

The FCL, or Full Container Load, service allows you to book or own a complete container for the given transit period and route. It is highly beneficial for businesses dealing in high-value freight or something in bulk. Plus, it assures better security.

Our years of professional relationships and network with major shipping lines allow us to provide additional valuable services like pick-up, consignee door delivery, and DDU/DDP deliveries to several nations across the globe at highly competitive rates.

The dedicated, modern tech-enabled systems provide flexibility to exercise the time-tracking feature for all your consignments.

Full Container Loaded services
  • Trade Coordination
    Trade Coordination - We monitor and coordinate your suppliers, vendors, and end-to-end ocean freight.
  • Shipment Visibility
    Shipment Visibility - Our e-FCL platform provides real-time tracking and status updates on your ocean cargo.
  • Worldwide Coverage
    Worldwide Coverage - We provide comprehensive ocean freight solutions across all major trade lanes between continents.
Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

Our clear understanding of industry workflow, regulation, and documentation facilitates our ability to provide swift and efficient freight services around the world. Combined with our strong ties to major airlines worldwide, this allows us to handle all the transit details smoothly, so air transportation is hassle-free for our customers.

Few of the cargo like:

  • Seasonal Garments
  • Luxury, fashion and footwear
  • Pharmaceuticals including API, Injectables, Generic and Branded tablets or formulations

Our experience with complicated logistics ensures your vital air shipments are secured at every stage of transit.

Marine Insurance

In the vastness of maritime risks, we at Aapka Transit offer more than decades of trust in claim settlement and client relationships. Our consumer-centric insurance portal consistently serves the interests of its users at every stage.

Few of the Key benefits with Aapka Transit:

  • Easy to Use Insurance and claim settlement portal
  • Data driven and effective risk assessment
  • Smooth claim processing with 24/7 dedicated support

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Marine Insurance

What is marine insurance?

Marine insurance is a contract of indemnity that covers loss or damage to ships and cargo in transit from one point to another through various transit modes like rail, road, sea, air and courier. It covers:

  • Damage to the ship
  • Damage to hull and machinery
  • Any loss to the cargo during the actual shipment.
Marine transport insurance
Transit Insurance

Though the name indicates that the policy covers the transit of goods only by waterways, it is not so. Marine cargo insurance is commonly known as “Transit Insurance''. It secures all forms of transportation of goods-by road, railway, water, and air. Marine cargo insurance intends to protect the insured against the risk of loss or damage to goods in transit. It is also popularly known as transit insurance.

We partner with reputable carriers to ensure financial strength backing every marine policy.

Transportation & Distribution

Transportation & Distribution

Aapka Transit provides reliable transportation of goods across India at competitive rates. We ship parcels and consignments of all sizes quickly and efficiently to meet delivery timelines.

With our extensive fleet of services, we offer ample capacity so customers never have to worry about delays or damaged cargo. Our unique distribution solutions make shipping to even remote regions straightforward and hassle-free.

Customers trust us with their valuable cargo at any destination with complete peace of mind. Our combination of competitive pricing, flexibility, and exceptional service makes Aapka Transit the premier choice for transportation logistics across India.

Road Transportation


Road transportation serves as a vital lifeline for nations by connecting remote areas to major trade hubs. This transportation mode is ideal for short-haul freight and local delivery needs. For many businesses, road transport is the most flexible,

We provide comprehensive road transportation solutions for a wide range of cargoes. Our services encompass:

  • FCL Platforms
  • Pallet Distribution
  • GPS, Online Tracking and POD systems
Rail Shipping


With decades of rail shipping experience, our team works closely with all major rail companies to handle freight transportation from start to finish. No matter the destination, we organize everything needed - from pickup to delivery, clearances to

  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Reloading on wide gauge wagons
  • Preparation of Documents
Cargo handling and storage services


Our modern warehouse facilities provide a dedicated range of cargo handling and storage services - from pallet racking and blocked storage to full inventory control, order fulfillment, and pick-and-pack capabilities. We also offer temperature-controlled and cold

  • Container Stuffing and De-stuffing
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Freeport Clearance
  • Palletizing of the Cargo Re-Packing, Labeling and Bar-coding Services